Top School Management Software in Nigeria

Sep 25, 2022 | Blog, Parents, Students

As institutions tasked with teaching and training children and producing potential leaders in various sectors, schools must run a very tight operation. And it’s not an easy task. There are many moving parts to running a school; it’s more than just finding a building and creating classrooms. From hiring, staff training, student intake, creating lesson plans and grading student performance; you can save time on every process by digitising certain aspects . That’s why you need a school management software.

Education management tools like EduIs ramp up process efficiency and productivity, freeing up time that you would otherwise spend on everyday back office tasks. Now you have the freedom to innovate and thinking strategically about growing your business. With features that make for better classroom management, communication and information management, EduIs will ensure that your school runs like a well-oiled machine. 

There are a number of interesting education management tools that have come on the market in the last few years. Here’s a look at some of the best school management software in Nigeria and what they’ve got to offer:


Key Features
  • Admission and student record management
  • In-built LMS
  • Customer user dashboards with basic reporting
  • Assignment and grade tracking

Why Choose MySchoolCloud: It’s e-learning portal integrates with Microsoft Office 365 and Moodle LMS, facilitating smooth online learning & collaboration with Office tools.

Why Not: Not currently available for university students

Pricing: Subscription plans starting at ₦2,000 per month.

MySchoolCloud touts itself as an efficient “out-of-the-box” school management software. It automates day-to-day administrative tasks for educational institutions. The platform features an intuitive user interface and a custom dashboard that displays key information. In addition, two-factor authentication secures every account to prevent unauthorised access or data breaches.

With MySchoolCloud, schools can manage student admissions and payments, attendance and human resource functions. An inbuilt learning management system allows teachers to provide lessons, assign and grade assessments (homework, classwork, tests and exams). Moreover, MySchoolCloud enables schools to set up a fully functional digital library, with efficient inventory management and cataloguing capabilities. 

MySchoolCloud is available for desktop computers and mobile devices. There’s a selection of package and pricing options for schools interested in using that platform. Unlike most other school management platforms, MySchoolCloud allows schools to sign up an unlimited number of users; so as your school gains more students (and teachers), you can expect MySchool to continue to accommodate your needs. 


Key Features
  • Four different LMS targeted at different learner categories
  • Pre-recorded video content
  • Real-time reporting
  • Staff and students’ record management

Why Choose Edves: Edves has an SMS-powered tool called Keepoint, which delivers bite-sized content to learners in remote locations.

Why Not: N/A

Pricing: Paid (free demo available)

Edves is a software company building digital solutions for education. With EDVES Basic, they’re digitising learning and school administration for primary and secondary institutions. EDVES Basic covers academics, finance, communication and administration. 

In addition to standard records management and office admin, Edves Basic also incorporates event management, keeping an up-to-date calendar and sending important reminders to parents and teachers as needed. Hostel administration features are also available for boarding schools.

EDVES Tertiary adds advanced features that can handle the complexities of managing polytechnics, universities and other tertiary institutions of learning. With this package, EDVES adds support for prospective students, specifically, managing admission applications, screening and payment. 


Key Features
  • E-learning portal for online courses
  • Curriculum and lesson plan creation
  • Real-time reporting
  • Assignment and grade tracking

Why Choose EduIs: It’s e-learning portal integrates with Microsoft Office 365 and Moodle LMS, facilitating smooth online learning & collaboration with Office tools.

Why Not: Not currently available for university students

Pricing: Subscription plans starting at ₦2,000 per month.

EduIs makes it easier for school administrators, teachers and parents to collaborate so that students can receive a good quality education. Our all-in-one education management platform for primary and secondary schools covers a wide range of functions including admissions, fees and payments, payroll, lesson notes and assessments.

EduIs’ e-learning platform integrates with Microsoft’s Office 365 Suite and Moodle LMS platform, an open-source learning management system. This means that students can take advantage of Microsoft’s suite of services including OneNote for class notes, Outlook Calendar for class and extracurricular activity scheduling and Office Online applications (Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc.) What’s more, we can customise the solution to fit your school’s specific needs. 

You can try out EduIs before making a commitment. Sign up for a free trial or speak to one of our agents and they’ll help you get started.


Key Features
  • Admission management
  • In-built CRM
  • Data reporting

Why Choose Nortify: Prospective students are integrated into the database, for easy data collection on admission

Why Not: The free tier has a limited feature set

Pricing: Basic free plan + paid plans

Another school management software on the Nigerian market, Nortify’s biggest selling point is a stress-free admission process. Efficient data collection and comprehensive record keeping “from entry to exit” are the hallmarks of this platform. When prospective parents fill out the online admission form, Nortify stores their information in the school’s Nortify database. Thus, the information becomes easily accessible if the student’s application is successful.

Nortify does more than just admissions though; it facilitates instant internal and external communications via a CRM, which incorporates process flow to trigger automated  messages—useful for scheduling appointments, delivering payment receipts etc. Other features include smart computer based testing, fee management and a student information system. 

Schools can take advantage of Nortify’s free tier, which only includes the CRM features. Other upgrades progressively include accounting, grading and full-enterprise capability for a fee. The platform is compatible with most mobile devices. 


Key Features
  • Gate access control for visitors 
  • Automatic result computation
  • Virtual class notes
  • Hostel management module

Why Choose Edalaf: Edalaf offers custom websites and automatic transcript generation.

Why Not: The one-time payment model may be prohibitive.

Pricing: N/A

Edalaf helps schools go fully digital by providing more than just a school management system; the platform offers custom websites and mobile applications with daily analytics. Schools can have all their data in one secure location for easy and seamless access. 

There’s a lot you can do with Edalaf’s school management software: manage lesson plans, hand out assignments, record grades and request transcripts. Other features include a dynamic portal that allows administrators, teachers, parents and students input and manage information, a time-clock to track teacher and student attendance, a hostel management module for boarding schools, amongst others. An integrated payment gateway takes care of fees and other school payments .

If you need some convincing, Edalaf offers a few sign-on perks. To start, schools can try out the platform for a term for free. If you renew your subscription afterwards, you’ll receive free training from your dedicated Edalaf support agent. All plans also come with  5,000 free text messages, as well as unlimited storage and bandwidth. 


Key Features
  • Support for computer-based/online tests
  • Hostel management
  • Live chat for instant messaging
  • Mobile app available

Why Choose SchoolShell: SchoolShell offers four comprehensive packages to help schools save resources and improve process efficiency.

Why Not: N/A

Pricing: Four subscription packages starting at ₦800 per student

Used by primary, secondary and tertiary institutions alike, SchoolShell is a web-based platform that offers  education management through four main packages: SchoolShell Operate, SchoolShell Finance, SchoolShell Engage and SchoolShell Class. 

Each package is rather aptly named. While Operate handles administrative tasks like admissions, HR and internal communications, Class covers learning and academics: testing and grading, lesson notes, attendance and an online library. The Finance package covers staff payroll, fee payments, accounting and inventory (uniforms etc.) Lastly, Engage manages all stakeholder interaction through instant messaging, email newsletters and more. 

SchoolShell also has a mobile application—SchoolShell Plus—that makes it easy to access relevant information wherever you are. Packages are available in upgradable tiers and priced per student.


Key Features
  • Fee collection with flexible payment options
  • Customisable dashboards
  • Detailed reporting and analysis

Why Choose SAFSMS: SAFSMS employs a unique, flexible approach to assessments and grading.

Why Not: N/A

Pricing: Paid plan with a free demo period

A product of FlexiSAF Edusoft Limited, SAFSMS is an education management software that aims to help schools improve process efficiency and save costs. The platform streamlines various functions in the day-to-day business of a school including finance, inventory, assessment and grading and personal student records. 

Also worth noting is SAFSMS multi-school function, which allows institutions with multiple branches to manage each location separately. In addition, with SAFMS, schools can digitise all the records pre-dating their registration on the platform. 

This product is also available in a mobile app; however, the app is only available on the Google Play Store and can only be used by teachers. SAFSMS offers a one-term trial period for new subscribers. Afterwards, there’s a one-time variable sign up fee and the options for flexible monthly payments. 


Key Features
  • Fee collection with flexible payment options
  • Customisable dashboards
  • Detailed reporting and analysis

Why Choose Schoolcube: There’s no sign-up fee required

Why Not: Limited support offered for the basic plans

Pricing: Three subscription plans starting at ₦1,000 per student per term.

Schoolcube focuses on efficient information management for schools. The portal offers simplified reporting using charts and tables, for clearer data reporting. Schoolcube also features record management, with the option for requesting score cards and transcripts. 

Collaboration is also another pillar of the Schoolcube platform. Administrators can send out announcements and circulars via bulk SMS and email newsletters. In addition, parents and teachers can communicate via a live chat feature. Intra-staff communication is also supported via internal memos. While the system is protected from unauthorised access by modern data protection systems, data loss is mitigated through scheduled  automatic backups.

There’s no signup fee to register on Schoolcube and no limit to the number of students you can have. Three subscription tiers are available, each charged per student, per term. 

If you need some help deciding what your school needs in a school management software, get in touch with us. Our team is available to help you evaluate what’s required and get started on EduIs.