An integral part of the EdulS solution is a fully integrated E-Learning platform based on Microsoft Office 365 services intended for educational institutions.

Using this platform, educational institutions receive a complete set of different applications and services that will make the educational process more efficient and contemporary.


Using web applications Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, OneNote students, and teachers can work together in real time using various collaborative methods. Different versions of desktop and mobile devices are supported, which can be used as a means of education.


With OneNote Class Notebook, students and teachers can create their own notes, work together on tasks, collect homework, do tasks, texts and many other activities in order to achieve a more effective education. OneNote allows the teacher to quickly set up a personal workspace for each student, a library of content for working materials and a space for cooperation, lectures and creative activities.

ONE DRIVE (storage and document share)

Using OneDrive, teachers can safely share work materials, literature, PowerPoint presentations, video materials, and all sorts of files that can help the thematic unit to cope better with learners. Each user has 1 TB of space.

SKYPE FOR BUSINESS (communication in real time)

Skype for Business offers: instant messaging, audio and video conferencing, communication with Skype users on the Internet, organizing online meetings and recording them, shared files, and more. Use of this service will make it easier to improve the communication of all participants in the educational process.

EXCHANGE ONLINE (electronic mail service)

Electronic mail can be more than just a way of communication. For electronic mail, there are 50 GB of space available – for each user individually. Exchange Online with standard e-mail functionality features also offers the ability to use calendars, reminders, meeting appointments, voice messages, and contact management.


The private social network is part of Office 365 services and is freely available to all students, teachers, and professors. The purpose of the Yammer Network is a unique, secure and controlled environment for the exchange of information, cooperation and learning. The possibilities offered by Yammer Service are: Editing of Yammer’s personal profiles, creating ad/post, engaging in group discussion, cooperating and exchanging knowledge through Yammer’s closed or open group, public praising by assigning virtuous Yammer banners (Praises), launching the Yammer Survey, jointly editing, commenting documents and numerous other possibilities.