School Management Solution for Primary and Secondary Schools in Nigeria

Connect your school community with a powerful All-in-One software solution that improves student outcomes, increases educators’ effectiveness and enhances operational efficiency.


One solution, a lot of features for all participants in the educational process

School Administrator

  • Store and manage information records of students, staff and parents.
  • Assign teachers and students to classes, subjects and extra-curricular activities
  • Schedule class time-table and school academic calendar including holidays and events
  • Generate report sheet based on grading system
  • Send messages and notifications to parents and teachers

Human Resources

  • Input and monitor staff records (e.g. medical records, disciplinary records, leave, pension, etc.) and track professional development
  • Designate roles to staff and employment type (e.g. probationer, non-teaching staff, subject teacher, etc.)
  • Input employee candidate information and track recruitment progress

Fees Administrator

  • Create fees distribution (e.g. tuition, excursion, textbook, etc.) and input total amount to be paid
  • Allocate fees to students and assign ‘mandatory’ or ‘optional’ status
  • Input fees payment and view graphical representation of payment progress and total

Admission Administrator

  • Set up the criteria for admission
  • Manage online process of enrolling new students in school
  • Manage academic and personal applicant data and applications for admission
  • Keep records of all student enrollment applications

Teaching Staff

  • Manage designated class, subjects, extra-curricular activity, student and parent’s information
  • Monitor lecture schedule, create class plan and record attendance
  • Input student grades, teacher comments and rate student conduct
  • View school academic calendar and schedule student/parent consultations
  • Send messages, notifications and test announcements to students, parents and colleagues


  • View subjects, class time-table, extra-curricular activity, attendance, grades and reports from teachers
  • Send and receive messages from teachers
  • Monitor school academic calendar, scheduled consultations, test announcements and notifications and teachers


  • View student grades, reports, class time-table, extra-curricular activity, attendance and fees payment progress
  • Send and receive messages from teachers and school administration
  • Track school academic calendar, scheduled consultations, test announcements and notifications


An integral part of the Eduis solution is a fully integrated E-Learning platform based on Microsoft Office 365 services intended for educational institutions

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Technical knowledge and skill of the team assigned to handle Reeds Schools issues. Promptness in responding to both technical and non-technical issues.
No issue has ever been unresolved.

Reeds School

Agungi Lagos Island

Working with Eduis Team during the past 2+ years has been a worth while experience. The ability of the Eduis Team to cater for the varied and ever adapting needs of the Meadowhall group has aided our goals for more seamless hybrid environment for teaching and learning.

Meadow Hall

Lekki, Lagos Nigeria

Eduis Online has been excellent so far. Microsoft Teams especially has been very interesting.
Eduis Online has enhanced our educational system. Kudos to you for an excellent innovation.

Jehova Tree School

Delta state Nigeria

The service delivery and customer responses have been very good. The solution has added value to our processing of results and academic activities. Our communication systems have been more streamlined and collaborative. The solution gives us a whole world of opportunities to explore in the Office 365 apps. The teachers have found it user-friendly, and reliable, and the learning curve for training has been a smooth one.

Albesta Academy

Lekki, Lagos Nigeria

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Get more value with Eduis integrations

Create a modern technological environment using the fully integrated Office 365 for Education and Learning Management System platforms.
Get access to a Learning Management System which allows you to publish and view different types of content, such as video materials, courses, assessment, etc.

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Common questions about school management software

What is a School management system

A School Management System is an interactive platform for all users such as Students, Teachers, Management, Trustees and Parents. It is designed to improve the way a school is managed through an  integrated platform that connects all the departments of a school. Features of the software include timetables, exam and assessment details and other student information.

How do I choose a school management system?

Sign up for the Eduis free trial and you will get access to a 24/7 customer service support personnel that provides training and assistance round-the-clock to answer any questions and solve any problems you might have.

Can a School Management system meet all my needs?

The eduis platform enables schools to tailor the application to meet its school management needs. Call our Customer Care line and we will help set up your account +2348022141359.

Why is Eduis the best school management system?

Eduis is an online application that enables efficient management and development of school processes which can be adjusted to work in different education systems.

The main segments of Eduis includes:

What is the benefit of using Eduis

Information sharing – An integral part of the Eduis solution is the school’s access to a fully integrated eLearning platform based on Microsoft Office 365 services and Moodle LMS platform intended for collaboration between teachers and students.

How much does a school management system cost?

For school and learning features, Eduis offers an affordable premium plan. The plan includes the advanced features, school information system integration and free training and technical support. The plan starts from N6000 per term.

Eduis Referral Program

You recommend Eduis school management software to primary and secondary schools or anyone who is engaged in the educational process, and we pay you a commission for every deal we close.